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The Origin of One Off Games

As kids, we've all had dreams and ambitions. Some of us dreamt of being astronauts, some wanted to be authors and others? They dreamt of dungeons and dragons, fantasy characters and worlds, and rolling dice. My high school friend and I belonged to that latter group. Our world was one of imagination and stories, a world of tabletop roleplaying games. But, like all things, we grew up, and our dice collected dust, our stories were paused, and our adventures halted.

Then came a time when we picked those games back up and started to play again. We played the old classics and a few new ones we'd discovered. The rich tapestry of board, card, and tabletop roleplaying games stretched before us. The buzz of excitement, the clatter of dice, and the animated discussions about campaigns and characters rekindled a fire within us. We realized that we wanted to craft our own adventures and stories. The idea of One Off Games was born.

But there was a hurdle. Many of these games, particularly the indie ones we were drawn to, required more than two people. While the thought of expanding our gaming group was tempting, it was the simple duo dynamics we cherished the most. We didn't want a large party; we wanted the essence of our high school days, just the two of us battling orcs or solving arcane mysteries.

So, we innovated. We revisited our roots. We played the games just like we did back in high school, learning the basics and taking turns as the game master. This ensured both of us got ample opportunity to play from both sides of the table, and we could navigate through a plethora of games without the need to continuously gather a full-fledged team. Most of our sessions wrap up within an hour, echoing the simplicity and excitement of our youth.

The beauty of One Off Games lies not just in the games themselves but in the bond of two friends navigating the vast world of indie tabletop roleplaying together. It's about rekindling old passions, innovating within constraints, and embracing the heart of gaming: storytelling and camaraderie.

Our mission with One Off Games is to create games and share with you the joy of diving into a new world, even for an hour. Whether you've got a gaming partner or a whole group, we hope our adventures resonate with the spirit of fun, friendship, and imagination.

Thank you for joining us as we embark on this journey together. We have a backlog of games to play, and we can't wait to share our experiences, insights, and stories with all of you.

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